Tuesday, April 15, 2008

International random thoughts...

Several thoughts still bouncing around my head from my trip to Scotland:

• I might be in Tracy, but my overseas adventure continues: I still don't know where my golf clubs are, more than 10 days after checking them as baggage.

• The Brits know how to ride escalators: Anyone who's ever been trapped behind someone treating the local escalator as a ride at Disneyland should travel abroad, where the slowpokes actually stand aside and let the walkers pass unmolested.

• The Brits don't know how to run an airline: My Terminal 5 experience is just begging for someone to remake Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day."

• Ignorance is bliss: Just one week removed from the 24-hour cable/Internet news cycle, and I already feel happier and more well-adjusted.

• It's good to be home: I was only gone about seven days, but even that's enough to help you appreciate home. And how good we really do have it in the U.S.

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