Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where the war on terror should be fought

Plenty of people like to talk about the War on Terror. Even though they try to scare up support for their policies by invoking the specter of a foreign-born terror attack, the war is still being fought "over there, so we don't have to fight it over here."

Problem is, plenty of folks are fighting it "over here." Most of them are kids.

There are wars every day in the heart of American cities. Gang wars. They fester, they simmer, they occassionally boil over. But they're mostly in poor areas, ghettos and barrios, so they get little attention. Except, of course, when they spill over into more affluent territory.

So while our leaders are focused on the worldwide war against shadowy figures in caves miles away, beautiful kids are killed right in our midst. (For a poignant example, read this column by Bill Simmons, who's a great writer except for his man-crush on all things New England.)

Until our priorities change, until we commit to trimming the rotten limbs from the tree of society and offering the kids who want to do the right thing more hope and help, the war at home will continue.

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