Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tom Benigno tilts again

You have to say this for Tom Benigno: he doesn't give up.

The man has run for every office under the sun, including mayor of Tracy and the 11th Congressional District. He's been less than successful.

He's at it again for 2008, this time planning to take on District 5 Supervisor Leroy Ornellas. (When Ornellas told the Press editorial board in months past he wanted competition, I wonder if this is what he was referring to?)

Benigno's strategy, it seems, is to try to run unopposed. He insists that Ornellas is termed-out from his seat on the county board, but the San Joaquin County Counsel in 2007 gave its legal opinion that Ornellas' first term, when he was elected to serve the remainder of a deceased supervisor's stint, did not count against his term limit magic number.

Benigno's gambit is a savvy procedural move, but it looks like he'll have to run on issues.

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