Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday random thoughts

• Tracy commuters get the shaft. Again: The California Transportation Commission recommended a proposed 4,800-acre industrial park and rail hub in Crows Landing should get $25 million in state funding despite vehement local opposition to the project's size and scope. Meanwhile, it denied the ACE train's bid to get funding for obtaining the right-of-way to the Union Pacific rail line it uses — a line that the Crows Landing hub wants.

• It's the economy: Mayor Brent Ives said Thursday that one of the challenges facing Tracy business in the future is that we're now a slow-growth city. But what's the alternative, haphazard out-of-control building? Please, someone tell me there's a happy medium

• Analogy of the Week #1: A recession is like going bald or getting a beer belly — it's hard to say exactly when it starts, but it becomes pretty obvious over time. (John Mitchell, economist)

• Analogy of the Week #2: Unification of a school district is either a beautiful marriage or a bitter divorce. (Bill Lebo, Lammersville School District superintendent)

• Another reason I like journalism: Being informed about the world around you only matters if you do something with that knowledge, but someone's gotta be there to do the informing.

• Calvin and Hobbes quote of the week: "So basically, this maverick is urging everyone to express his individuality through conformity in brand-name selection."

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Anonymous said...

the current slow growth or zero growth was manafctured by bilbrey, ives, tucker and Tolbert when they chose to build 1500 homes per year dutring the first years of Meausre A. Now the city cant build anything for 5 years. Who created the slow growth?? It wasnt Measure A. Measure A allows 600 RGA's plus 150 infill. That a growh rate of about 3% which is moderate not slow. Measure A is not slow growth...Furthermore there probably wouldnt be any growth right now even if we could build ecause of the economy.