Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tracy's traffic crusader

Lincoln Boulevard resident Ron Pounding has made it his mission to help control the speeders who make Tracy streets a hazardous place to drive.

He's documented at least 16 accidents in a three-block stretch in front of his house in the past 3 years, and they're almost all attributable to speeders — "muscle car maniacs," as he likes to call them. We even saw one in a black Camaro scream by while talking on his front porch today.

Classy move, that burned rubber.

Pounding has been before the City Council and has done plenty of letter-to-the-editor writing for his cause. The most recent fruits of his labor include a new three-way stop at Lincoln Boulevard and Richard Drive. The next step he's considering is forming Citizens Against Speeding in Tracy to funnel citizen problems to the council members, who he says have been very receptive to his concerns.

I say count me in, Ron. As long as you won't grudge me my weekend country-road excursions.

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