Friday, April 6, 2007

Who to trust about Global Warming?

Check out this story about Global Warming.

This is the strongest ever report issued about manmade climate change, and it was toned down by hundreds of reputable scientists, mostly because Saudi Arabia and China urged for weaker language.

Hmmm — one of the world's largest oil producers and one of the world's largest oil consumers (eventually to be the largest by far) wanting to weaken a report saying people must reduce carbon emissions, emissions that come from the burning of fossil fuels. Why, I wonder if those two countries have a vested economic interest in influencing science?

A lot of Global Warming naysayers accuse the vast majority of the world's scientists of fudging science because they have a vested interest in proving that humans contribute to climate change. But these scientists, who have devoted their lives to the pursuit of predictable and observable truth, surely have less of an incentive to alter the science than countries, companies and politicians who rely on fossil fuels for wealth and power.

Who would you trust: Scientists who want to make the world a more livable, healthier place; or those who could lose billions of dollars if we follow the advice of said scientists?

Just fuel for thought.


Erdos56 said...

I've been amused by the TP editorial content on this topic. Mr. Hurban is one of those naysayers who sees a global climate-change conspiracy headed by the multi-headed horror of Radical Environmentalism. The motivations of those conspirators remains a mystery since they don't have any bets on the table except their reputation. Maybe they are quibbling over a few K of research grants versus the billions that the Saudis have at risk?

Oh well, the dialectic will resolve itself in the fullness of time. I've been to Kirabati (keer-a-bas) and don't doubt that Kirabati has a great deal at stake. They can be the canary in the coal mine and let us know what comes next.

I still regard this crisis as an opportunity for California, though: wind power, bioengineered fuel producing bacteria, thin-film solar technologies. OK, I'm an optimist, but at least I complain less than the pessimists.

Anonymous said...


I would normally trust the Scientist. However, some research can be sponsored by those (organizations) that may have other interests, so sometimes, for those scientists who can be swayed (certainly not all, and I would hope VERY few), their findings may be less than objective.