Thursday, April 26, 2007

More developer deals...

One more thought about building more sports facilities in Tracy.

I spoke Wednesday to Pamela Sloan, Stockton's director of Parks and Recreation. She told me that Stockton is about eight months away from completing a $5.4 million soccer complex (eight fields, a concession stand and parking for 320 cars on 35 acres) But it's only costing the city $2.4 million.

Sloan told me that once the grant’s awarded, “you can be up and building within an 18-month or two-year period.”

Free money for a three year wait? Sounds better than waiting decades for developer deals with strings attached. I wonder if the city of Tracy ever looked into this option?

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Anonymous said...

It's not clear to me by your article who is picking up the additional 3M on the 5+ project?

Erdos56 said...

What's the grant source? Federal or State?

Jon Mendelson said...

The answers:
The remainder of the tab is being picked up by the city of Stockton, as Tracy is paying for its own sports parks. The grant just helps make it a heckuva lot cheaper.

This is a state grant.

Jon Mendelson said...

And of course, taxpayers ultimately pony up for both the grant and the city-backed money. But getting the grant is still better than doing it yourself or entering developer agreements.