Monday, April 30, 2007

Belated Friday random thoughts...

• West High School was the subject of intense scrutiny April 23 when a Tracy Press Web comment said there was a bomb on the campus. Good for everyone exercising due caution in case the threat was real, but it's worrisome that all a person might have to do to shut down school for a day is post a comment on the TP Web site.

• On a related note: If the accuracy and neutrality of this Tri-Valley Hearld article is any indication of the paper's standards, I'd say the only thing it's good for is to line bird cages or housetrain pets. All it represented correctly was that there was an actual bomb threat.

• Does anyone else find it disconcerting that The Surland Cos. has given the Tracy City Council free rednerings for both the City Hall project and now has done the same for the proposed multimodal transit station? Could Surland possibly be trying to sway influence with the council while a possible deal with the city is still very much up in the air?

• Wearing purple for the May 1 "Paint the Town Purple" event would be a good way to show support for the American Cancer Society. Donating money or time as a volunteer would be even better.

• President Bush insists that a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq would be micromanaging. Guess he never took an actual business class, because a timeline would be classic hands-off management. Passing the war spending bill with a timeline is essentially saying to the generals and decision-makers on the ground that they have a certain time to get things done and will be provided all the money and resources they need to do the job to the best of their abilities. So what Bush really wants, it seems, is a neverending war that isn't managed at all.

• On a related note: The president says he's willing to compromise about the Iraq war spending bill, but he's also clearly said he's not willing to compromise about deadlines, his only objection to the current bill. So what the hell is he talking about? My guess is either he's lying or he's lying.

• Many in Tracy's faith community will participate in Thursday's National Day of Prayer. I'd personally prefer a national day of action. Maybe we can start one, and the days of prayer and action could be a two-day event, with action preceded by careful thought (now wouldn't that be novel in today's society).

• Random quote of the week: "Look before you leap. There might be sharp, pointy rocks below."

• Calvin & Hobbes quote of the week: "Weirdness always starts at home." "Even when you look for it, you're never prepared for it."

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