Friday, October 9, 2009

Thanks for my Peace Prize

So I've been a booster of President Obama since he was Candidate Obama. But receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for what basically amounts to just being alive? Puh-leeze.

More than really honoring anything the president has actually done, I think this decision demonstrates how little people in the international community really thought of our leadership the past few years, and how hungry the world was for a thoughtful, more reasoned America.

To honor the likely motivation of those who bestowed the Nobel Peace Prize on Obama, I think it should have been renamed for this one year to the Nobel "America's Most Recent President So Screwed International Relations That We Decided Simply Replacing Him Was A Huge Step Forward For World Peace" Prize.

In which case, I feel America's voters should really get this award.

So Mr. President, thank you for accepting this Nobel on my behalf. I'm adding this accomplishment to my resume.

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