Thursday, October 22, 2009

Misleading press release of the week

GWF Energy LLC sent over a missive this week about its effort to expand production at the Tracy Peaker Plant titled, "GWF announces plans for environmentally beneficial conversion of Tracy power plant."

The release refers to the effort to turn the peaker plant into a full-time "combined cycle" facility.

The scoop:
GWF's release is technically true, as the plant will be cleaner per hour of run time in its new incarnation. However, that new incarnation will also release far more total pollutants and burn more fossil fuel.

While the press release touts the per-hour efficiencies that the new plant will produce, it fails to mention the gross impacts.

The analysis:
The new and improved power plant will indeed be cleaner relatively speaking, but calling any fossil-fuel burning plant "environmentally beneficial," especially one that is going to increase its pollutant output, is an outright contradiction in terms.

That doesn't mean the expansion is a bad idea (in fact, the Press Editorial Board endorsed it). But at least people should be aware that GWF's company line isn't telling the whole truth.

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