Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tracy's unsolved mystery, 10 years later

Every time I drive into Tracy on the 205, I see a billboard bearing the photos of two teenagers. They're young and handsome, attired in tuxes with excited looks.

The only thing belying their bright faces is the request emblazoned above them — help find who murdered these boys.

I've long thought about writing a column about the pair of Tracy teenagers apparently murdered 10 years ago. I wanted to know about the people behind a dogged pursuit of justice and who would keep the billboard up all these years, allowing the public to see their grief firsthand. It could be, I thought, compelling.

Instead (and thankfully for all you alert readers), Press reporter Jennifer Wadsworth went in search of the story. Her update of what's turned into a cold case was published online Tuesday.

It's just as compelling a story as I thought it would be. But it's heartrending. A family's worst nightmare. I'm glad that Jennifer did this story — it must have been a very tough one to report.

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