Friday, July 3, 2009

Refreshing news for downtown Tracy

Thank you David Helm — we've been waiting for this drink a long time.

Helm's announcement that he will open an alehouse on the corner of Central Avenue and 10th Street — with a full offering of both macro- and micro-brews, complete with a pub-style menu — is just what I'd hoped to hear since Scrapbook Memories abandoned the JC Penney's building.

That space is spoken for now by Corral Hollow Realty, but the location one block to the east hardly matters. Downtown needs more places where you can grab a brew after work or sip on suds before a show at the Grand Theatre. (The Grate Plate is fine, but a change of pace is nice, too.)

And the relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere Helm seems to be shooting for is just the type of business that could be a downtown draw.

Hopefully, the building's air conditioner issues will work out soon. I can't wait to belly up to the newest bar in town.

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