Friday, July 3, 2009

Stone-cold lock of the week

This story of a plane-crash turned survivor story will end up being trotted out, eventually, as a reason why activities at the Tracy Municipal Airport should be shut down.

The argument will go something like this: In the interest of public safety — namely the safety of the people who will one day call the close-to-the-airport Ellis subdivision home — flights should be canceled or rerouted. Activity at the airport should be slowly decreased lest another freak crash happen over homes.

If the argument takes, the fledgling businesses at the airport will fold, and one of our city's economic success stories will shrivel.

Please, please, please, let me be wrong.

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Anonymous said...


This story actually shows the opposite of what you think. These men avoided developed areas and landed on the side of an aquaduct where there is a flat strip of land. I don't think they would have been interested in using rooftops as a landing strip.