Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday random thoughts

• If you think the roads are crowded now: The total population of San Joaquin County as of July 1 was 680,183. Stockton's new growth plan puts the city at a population of close to 550,000 by 2035. That is pretty scary math.

• Time to grab your front-row seats: The 2008 Tracy mayoral election between Brent Ives, Celeste Garamendi and Evelyn Tolbert (not assured but overwhelmingly likely) promises to be a barnburner. Literally. Someone might get set on fire.

• Why the moral high ground is so important: Stories of extremist torture chambers in Iraq are chilling reminders of the people we're fighting, and they make you wonder what kind of person would endorse such tactics. Oh yeah, people like this. And this. And, though he's officially on the fence, like this.

• Hide the vodka — 49ers fans have one less thing to cheer for: Bryant Young, the last active member of SF's 1994 Super Bowl winning team and quite possibly the classiest guy to ever wear Gold and Crimson, will probably hang it up after the team's dissapointing 2007.

• Suzanne Tucker's newest protege: SF Mayor Gavin Newsom said he was in touch with many folks following the oil spill in the bay. Of course, he won't let us see that correspondence, because it was on a "personal" cell phone. Maybe he was texting his newest mistress?

• The sad thing is, we proably need it: Some fear the Schulte Road land will now revert to federal hands and become a prison.

• Calvin and Hobbes quote of the week: "Hey, yeah, I did something GOOD! We're talking jackpot! We're talking multiple trips from the pole to haul it all!" "Your selflessness is the hope of the season."

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