Saturday, December 29, 2007

A City Council irony

On Friday, the Press published to the Web a story about Councilwoman Irene Sundberg's association with a group that opposed the Schulte Road sports park. Of course, it's no surprise that Sundberg would join the group — we all knew she was staunchly against that site. And, as she pointed out in the article, she didn't exactly stand to benefit financially from the group's actions or from her vote. Her association was even vetted by the city attorney's office.

Now take this excerpt about Mayor Brent Ives' reaction.
Mayor Brent Ives said that he has seen no evidence that Sundberg would receive any money from the case. He did say that given the controversial nature of the project he would want assurance that all council votes are legitimate.
“Rather that leave the community guessing, it would be prudent to get it straight with the Fair Political Practices Commission,” he said.
Remember, it was Ives who was in murky waters with the FPPC regarding his work as a private consultant for many firms in and around Tracy, many of whom have official business with the city and the council.

Ironic indeed.

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