Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Fr. Kelly update

I recently spoke with Fr. Mike Kelly, the priest who once ministered at Tracy's St. Bernard's Catholic Church and is now accused by a former Stockton parishioner of abuse some 20+ years ago.

He said that he thanks his supporters during a very difficult and lonely time and that he intends to fight the accusation against him, which he says is utterly false.

The past month has been, without saying, tough on Fr. Mike, and I'm guessing it will continue to be so. There's no word on where the investigation is going, and things like this tend to be dragged out quite a bit. It could be months before the community — not to mention Fr. Mike and his accuser — receive any closure.

Here's hoping that justice is served. As terrible as it would be for a true victim of molestation to be declared a fraud, it would be just as bad for an innocent man to be thrown under the bus.

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