Wednesday, May 9, 2007

His way or the highway

The White House again refuses to compromise regarding Iraq. Check out the latest explanation of why the Bush administration refuses any kind of accountability.

No surprise there. From the start of this war — ever since Sept. 11 — the administration has busted its collective behind to get into this war. Even if the CIA had found no suggestion of Weapons of Mass Destruction (which several credible UN and US sources rightly said were bogus) you can be sure the White House would have led the march to war under some other guise.

Now that it's there, the president has said he'll veto a second spending bill that would actually prolong the war. (Yes, there is some solace in the fact that if the president keeps vetoing these bills, he will actually be the one responsible for ending the war. One can only hope.) The reason he rejects the newest spending bill is because it makes him and his generals accountable for a war that was ill-conceived and botched from the beginning.

And that's not surprising, either. This administration has a horrible track record when it comes to accountability — it's always the fault of someone besides the folks ultimately in charge.

When it comes to the Bush White House, the buck always stops somewhere else.

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