Thursday, May 24, 2007

Friday random thoughts

• The fact that the Delta smelt can no longer survive in their natural habitat — because of toxic releases, competition from invasive species, damned rivers or giant pumps sending water hundreds of miles away — shows we’re running out of time to fix the Delta.

• And I'd rather not water crops with water that can't support fish life.

• After arguments, it sounds to me like a judge is going to rule in favor of the Tracy Press in a lawsuit against the city seeking a councilwoman's records. That's probably a really premature statement, but if the Press does indeed win, will the city appeal?

• Check out the comment by alert reader "owl" at the very bottom of this article by Bob Hendricks. It's one of the most succint rebuttals I've heard to the evidence often paraded about by those who refuse global warming.

• This pork isn't so bad: That $20 billion in "pork barrel" projects attached to the Iraq war spending bill includes hurricane disaster relief, health care for low-income children and a minimum wage hike.

• Illegal immigrants are paid less than American workers, so, it is said, American workers are often priced out of work. So immigration bill opponents want to prevent illegal immigrants from becoming legal? Last time I checked, if they were legal residents, employers would be forced to pay the legal minimum wage because the then-legal workers would have legal recourse. So how would making these illegal residents legal ones be bad for American workers? By making the immigrants compete on a level wage grade? I don't get it.

• I'm not one to trust the government or people who stand to profit from keeping secrets from the public. But I'd sure like to see some actual evidence before buying into this conspiracy theory presented by an activist covered by this John Upton report.

• Loyalty is more important than competence in some circles, it appears.

• Calvin and Hobbes quote of the week: "I think conversation should be kept to a minimum until afternoon."

• Random thought of the week: "While you enjoy a day off this Monday, remember the honor of the men and women who died in the service of their country."


Erdos56 said...

I've been amused at my own indecisiveness at the global warming issue. It amounts to caution to the point of political paralysis, which may be what the industrial interests have always wanted. As a non-specialist, I can only rationally look at a basket-weighted portfolio of opinions, with "concern" being the current holding pattern while I chastise myself lightly for buying the sports sedan rather than the hybrid...

There is a moral theory I developed several years back concerning torture that amounts to weighing the relative cost (irrecoverable suffering of others) against the benefit and the uncertain possibility of novel/useful information. This "theory of fallibility" concluded that one should only make hard commitments when information is crisp (the bomb is in play and Joe Blo's prints are on it).

Same with global warming. Err towards caution but, hell, Cali might benefit from the upshot.

Anonymous said...

The hearing was a scoping and scheduling prehearing conference. The evidentiary hearing will come later and the evidence along with it.