Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tracy gets on the anti-cancer bandwagon

Tracy looks like it's finally getting its cancer-fighting bandwagon rolling with its first Walk for the Cure, an effort of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, an organization dedicated to breast cancer education and eradication.

But if that seems like a story that sounds like it's not from your corner of San Joaquin County, it's because this is Tracy in southwestern Minnesota — it of the 2,163 population. (It's a repeat guest of the "Hey, that's not my Tracy," section of Second Thoughts.)

It's not too far off to say it's one Tracy following in the footsteps of another. The Tank Town Tracy has had one of the most successful anti-cancer fundraisers in the most populous state in the union. Good to see one of our smaller sibling cities doing the same thing.

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