Friday, October 21, 2011

Cardoza calls it quits

We called it. Dennis Cardoza, who represented South-Central Stockton, a narrow neck of San Joaquin County, and many parts farther south in Congress, has officially announced its retirement.

As many political observers, it's not a shocker. Redistricting left Cardoza without a natural district to defend, and many strong potential candidates he'd have to wrestle.

Too bad. Cardoza has been one of few people to stand up and demand relief for the thousands of Central Valley homeowners who were flayed by the housing bubble's collapse. If they could get some refinancing help, maybe they could keep their homes and have more money to put back into the economy, the thinking goes.

But so far, observers say the government has been slow to act, and banks have balked.

And in just over a year, one of the few voices calling to change that status quo will leave the halls of Congress. Sigh.

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