Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One down, four to go

Could this be the year of closure?

Yesterday, one of Tracy's five homicide cases of 2009 came to a conclusion with the plea agreement of the Morgans, the couple who brutally stabbed, beat and strangled Cynthia Ramos.

The Morgans, appropriately, will spend the rest of their lives in jail — and Second Thoughts doesn't imagine it'll be a pleasant stay for them. Not that I'm shedding any tears.

It's a modicum of justice for a town desperately in need of some. And we could use more — four homicide cases from 2009 still await resolution.

In the case of Clayton Riggins, investigators appear to be stumped, at least temporarily. But for three — the Sandra Cantu, Naim Bey and Spencer Sampson killings — someone's at least been arrested. (In the Bey and Sampson cases, multiple someones have been arrested.)

Let's hope Tuesday's news is the first of many cases that will draw to a close this year.

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