Thursday, February 4, 2010

If only it were true...

Consider this posting from the Tracy Press comments section, under the story announcing Councilwoman Suzanne Tucker won't seek another council term:

"Sure, why not retire with lifetime health and retirement benefits befitting of royalty. All the people on the city of Tracy city council are crooked for giving themselves these benefit packages during "closed to the public" city council meetings. They should be jailed for stealing public funds."

*Sigh* Where does one even begin?

Council members receive a small monthly stipend somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 -- whatever the exact amount, it's certainly not something you'd call full-time compensation. Council members also have no city-paid health or retirement plan, though they might get benefits through a private or previous public employer (i.e. Mike Maciel and Steve Abercrombie, who were cops and, we assume, accept the benefits that come with that employment history.)

If this commenter's post was true, it'd be the scandal of the decade in Tracy. And as a newsman, nothing would make me happier than to splash such malfeasance all across the Tracy Press' front page. (Breaking news of such backroom deals is the stuff that Pulitzers are made of.) Hell, even such a violation of the Brown Act would make the 'paper.

But the comment has no apparent basis in fact. (Please, please, please, someone prove me wrong -- and give me the exclusive interview!)

Nope. This is just another reminder that we should all take our prescription medication.

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