Monday, January 25, 2010

It's good to be spoiled

This weekend offered the perfect storm for a skier — a week of fresh powder followed by two days of relatively clear skies before the next storm was expected to ride in.

So I grabbed my planks and headed up.

What I didn't expect is that the place I was staying in would be without electricity (or heat, or hot water) for the duration of the weekend. It was, shall we say, cold.

Huddling around a fireplace while you can see your breath inside a cabin surrounded by a couple feet of snow is a great reminder of — by and large — how spoiled our society is. Heat on demand, light on demand, a way to cook without an open fire on demand.

It's nice to learn that lesson every once in a while. And, as a plus, it's made this weather in the valley feel downright balmy.