Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight years later — what we've lost

Musing today about the attacks of Sept. 11, I didn't think so much about my initial reaction to watching the Twin Towers tumble, killing thousands and covering New York City with dust, or even where I was. (For you curious readers, I was in my freshman year college dorm room at the time, glued to the TV along with my suitemates.)

I thought about what we've lost since then. What we've done. Both personally and as a nation.

The people with relatives and friends who died in the attacks obviously suffered extreme loss. (One of the people who worked in my college newsroom had a family member who worked in one of the towers.)

But the nation has suffered, too.

Since that date we've launched wars, tortured prisoners, become less trusting, more afraid, more bitter, more divided.

Today, I don't have a moral. (If you must have one, read the most recent Tracy Press editorial.)

Today was a day for reflection. A day to remember what we've lost.

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