Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The best e-mail we couldn't publish

Sometimes anonymous letters to the editor come in with no contact information. Without a name, they can't run in the Press (per our editorial policy). But that doesn't mean we can't showcase some of the gems here:

Wake up fellow Tracyites
We have many problems in this town of ours.
It all started many years ago. I've been here since 1979. This used to be a quiet, friendly, decent little town!
Where are all the smiles? I see none every day as I make my daily errands. Why?
1: The people who run this town have the wrong priorities.
2: The people who run this town have succumbed to big developers, and now it is getting out of control — starting in the early 1990s. My qualifications for this statement are as follows: a lifetime in construction.
3: Where is the $7 million they lost in the 90s?
4: Why do we have a cultural theater on Central Avenue, which they spent $20 million on — yes, $20 million — that loses money every year and was tagged upon completion? Must be the wining and dining, in my book.
Do we Tracyites want to be Stocktonians? Not me! But we're already halfway there!!!
Let's nip it in the bud (my favorite beer).
We need to support our local police department and fire department even if they get their federal grant — they deserve it.
Signing off...
~ One Grumpy Old Man, Tracy

As per One Grumpy's suggestion, I'm going to nip another Bud and see if it makes more sense then.

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