Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday random thoughts...

• Fight for your right to party: The cousin of Tracy's Maxim's nightclub ran afoul of a neighborhood group and the Stockton City Council. Now it's suing to keep its beats thumping and dance floor bumping.

• Let's do meth, grab our guns, wander into the wild and talk about a mutual girlfriend! What could go wrong? This unfortunate story of drugs and death ends poorly for everyone involved.

• This one must've slipped by the editors: A classified ad in a Pennsylvania newspaper apparently wishing for the speedy assasination of the U.S. president.

• Our latest catch-all pre-written headline form: State budget woes increase/decrease problem/service.

• This week's best bet for exercising your various First Amendment rights: A protest in Fresno this weekend is geared to kick off the campaign to legalize -- or, I should say, re-legalize -- same-sex marriage in California.

• Calvin and Hobbes quote of the week: "They say idle hands are the devil's workshop." "I resent that. We work darn hard at this."

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