Saturday, March 14, 2009

Give these greenies credit

The editorial in today's Tracy Press made a passing reference to "certain activists and candidates for mayor and City Council" who have long advocated a greener, more sustainable Tracy.

Since Second Thoughts is in favor of giving credit where credit is due, let's clear up that vagueness.

It's obvious to me that the editorial refers to Councilwoman Evelyn Tolbert and Celeste Garamendi.

Tolbert has long been a proponent of sustainability in Tracy, and it looks like some of her efforts (check this article for a list of Tracy's green initiatives) are starting to pay off. She's told me more than once she doesn't care who gets credit for the things she supports, as long as it gets done, but I'll give her a round of applause anyway.

Garamendi made several green initiatives central parts of her 2008 campaign for mayor, including putting solar panels on city buildings. She might not have won the race against Mayor Brent Ives and Tolbert, but her ideas when it comes to renewable energy are sticking nonetheless.

But regardless of who's steering the city's ship, let's hope that Tracy's foray into this field is just beginning. Because there's plenty of greenbacks to make from being green.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, John, get a clue would you please????

Evelyn Tolbert has done NOTHING but talk about green. She's never made a single solitary vote to mandate anything green in Tracy.

To Evelyn is all about "voluntary" and where does that put us??

She latched onto the green theme to get re-elected because she knew it would resonate with some voters. But where is the record to back it up?

The green proponents in Tracy have been:

Bob and Susan Sarvey - Activist
Carole Dominguez - 2006 Council Candidate
Celeste Garamendi - 2006 and 2008 Mayor Candidate

Bob and Susan have a solar system on their house and business

Carole had a solar system on her home when she lived in Tracy

Celeste and Mark have a solar system on their ranch house

Does Evelyn have a single solitary action to show she is green????