Monday, March 30, 2009

Cantu case cuts deep

News that Sandra Cantu, a darling 8-year-old, disappeared in northern Tracy last Friday has dominated the weekend news cycle.

No surprise. A child disappearing, apparently without reason, is a parent's worst nightmare. And even those of us without children can empathize with those enduring the anxious, unbearable waiting game.

From what has been disclosed to the media, it seems a logical — if a still unsubstantiated — conclusion that Sandra was kidnapped.

If that conslusion is confirmed by investigators, expect it to stick in the city's collective memory.

Nevermind that such cases of a child simply being picked off the street are relatively rare — they stick because they're traumatic, because they're wrenching, and because media outlets (the Press included) make sure they're public knowledge. These cases are vivid, and more easily recalled than the thousands of times children walk to and from school or a friend's house safely.

Sandra's case is no different, and it is sure to leave a mark on the Tracy community as surely as it has scarred her family. Thankfully, there's still the possibility that the scar will be small — that she will be reunited safely with her family. And soon.

Investigators believe she's still alive. We're hoping for the best.

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