Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not exactly proud of the alma mater

Most times I'm all right being a grad of St. Mary's High School, the esteemed private institution in Stockton. Not so much tonight.

The West High girls basketball team was outmatched by the Rams from the outset. The Wolf Pack were down 34-6 after one quarter, with the visitors employing a brutally efficeint full-court press.

So, call of the dogs (er, Rams), right?

Wrong. St. Mary's continued to press and launch 3-pointers until the score was 75-6 at halftime.

Eventually the press was called off, and I guess it showed in the final 105-17 tally.

Wanting to win, even wanting to dominate an opponent, is normal and fine in athletic competition. Continuing to embarass an obviously overmatched opponent — that's just a lack of class.

So much for sportsmanship.

Then again, St. Mary's wasn't the only team to run up a score Tuesday night. Tracy's girls took Franklin behind the woodshed, beating the Yellowjackets 60-9.

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