Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hold on to your barf bags...

... Or get set to recalibrate your Unintentional Comedy Scale.

Because Gov. Arnold's Schwarzenegger's State of the State speech is tomorrow, and it promises to be one prolonged vomitfest or laughing stock — depending on how a litany of incompetence affects you.

Mired in what's arguably the worst fiscal crisis in the state's history, it's truly a wonder as to what the governator will script for the occassion. (If he starts with a traditional "The state of our state is strong," my brain might explode.)

Truly, the Apocolypse is not upon us. But things in the Capitol are pretty bad, and the pending budget cuts will seriously hamstring our society, as evidenced by Tuesday's report of the Tracy Unified School District's board meeting. (Read Jennifer Wadsworth's report here or my most recent column about the matter here.)

Schwarzenegger will have to call out all his acting skills to reinforce a sense that California is not crumbling. Even as most of the evidence suggests otherwise.

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