Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick council forum notes

Three quick thoughts from the Tracy Press-sponsored Wednesday night City Council forum:

• Irene Sundberg came to play: Her answers painted a picture of a civil servant in the mix of vital and ongoing projects to improve the city's economic health. She refered to her record and didn't seem to be caught off-guard by anything. She was in control.

• Larry Gamino is not ready for prime time: He knows how to get things done as an activist. He cares deeply about Tracy. He is a true rouser of the rabble. But on the public stage, he crumbled.

• Larry Hite remains hidden: The "forgotten candidate" of this council election failed to score a game-changer at the forum. His campaign has been largely dwarfed by the efforts of Mike Maciel, Steve Abercrombie and Sundberg, and the forum was his big chance to make a mark. It didn't happen.

• Bonus note: Abercrombie, in my opinion, effectively deflected criticism that they were recipients of too much money from outside Tracy. If, that is, you trust him. (As a longtime cop, most people would say he's earned that kind of trust.)

I'll be at the mayoral forum in just a few minutes. Expect a more in-depth blog coming Friday morning about that three-way debate.

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Anonymous said...

You're not connecting the dots here John on Abercrombie. The contributions are from the AKT machine, he is going to vote on their project, they are propping up his campaign. He wouldn't have a campaign without them, signs, mailers, etc. He would be just as forgotten as Hite without them.