Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday random thoughts...

• Some things change, some things stay the same ... until further notice: The Tracy Press has gone down to publishing in print two days a week shortly after going to three days a week. This will be the plan until things change again.

• If this is what it takes to rally the party faithful, the party faithful might be in trouble: GOP donors flocking to Sen. John McCain only after a recent NY Times article with questionable intent.

• Who says spring is here? Old Man Winter is ready to make an encore February appearance, as experts predict a wicked weekend in the Sierras.

• San Joaquin County is safer than you'd think, but days like this don't help: Three men were shot Thursday in Stockton in two different incidents.

• And next you'll tell me that water is wet: Evidently Karl Rove tried to find, or create, dirt about an Alabama Democrat. How is this news?

• Calvin and Hobbes quote of the week: "I like these cold, gray winter days. ... They help you savor a bad mood."

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