Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday random thoughts...

• Yes, the Delta's health is truly on the way down: And the fact that I can sit on a levee and pull a (non-native) striped bass out any day of the week shouldn’t be taken as anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

• In the "From one devil to another" category: Yahoo exploring a deal with News Corp. so it doesn't have to partner with Microsoft.

• This is what happens when non-news folks control news organizations: The New York Times will lay off 100 newsroom staffers. Notice the paragraph in this article that explains the move is because of stockholders. (Something tells me those two hedge funds don't have solid journalism as a priority.)

• Aren't you glad that whole national debt thing isn't worrying them anymore? Congress and the Roger Clemens saga.

• Kathy Griffin wasn't the only "D-List" thing at the ceremony: Evidently, the Chamber of Commerce made up an award for Giffin's assistant for bringing some pub to Tank-Town. Kudos for Tiffany Rinehart, anyway. It's not easy to find something fun to do for a living.

• Calvin and Hobbes quote of the week: "How on earth do you do this??!" "These things just seem to happen."

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