Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Welcome back to the blog

Hi all, glad to be back. Hope you had a good week. I spent my break in Montana vacationing, and it's time to return to writing.

I missed a lot while I was gone on vacation, but something that kicked off the news week struck me.

President Bush underwent a colonoscopy and had five noncancerous growths removed from his posterior this past weekend. All, of course, at taxpayer expense.

What makes this funny isn't that the president had something stuck where the sun don't shine (something his critics have been asking for for years). What made me chuckle is that this same president has warned us that government insurance — let alone government health care — is bad for the nation, bad for patients, and places us on the road to socialism.

I'll leave you to appreciate the irony.


Anonymous said...

I do not expect you to post this, but my reflection on Bush's colonoscopy was that I was surprised that they found any growths there at all. Personally I have thought he was as a perfect a**. - MM

Erdos56 said...

He also campaigned on an isolationist platform in 2000, decrying unnecessary foreign adventurism. My how we grow and change...