Friday, December 23, 2011

Special meeting sparsely attended

One more point worth making about the City Council's special meeting decision to green-light a business incentive program: lack of public involvement.

As noted in today's Tracy Press story, only four people attended the meeting, which was called Monday, publicized Tuesday and held Wednesday, at a time two hours earlier than normal because of the normally scheduled Planning Commission meeting. Also, three of the four people in the audience were members of the Press.

The city manager suggested that the special meeting was necessary because the opportunity presented to the city might slip away if the council waited until the regularly scheduled Jan. 1 meeting.

Still, the timing of the meeting -- one day after the canceled regularly scheduled council meeting - was curious, and its last-minute nature contributed to the lack of public scrutiny on what could prove to be a huge deal for the city of Tracy.


Anonymous said...

unless you read the weekly hard copy (provided it's not delivered on the wet lawn) or go on-line to read the Press, communication is lacking. It seems easier to find out after the fact the before

A. Seput said...

I am not educated person but person does not need education to have common sense. Meeting was piblicized on Tuesday to take place on Wednesday that tells me that Tracy have scum bags in Government like Washington. If you are person with ethical moral people would have being giving one week notice. Your purpose of overnight notice is that you did not want anyone attending meeting!!!