Thursday, July 28, 2011

No punches pulled on McNerney announcement

Rep. Jerry McNerney, who has no district to call his own thanks to redistricting, has announced that he will move to San Joaquin County and seek to represent a planned district that will include the north part of the county, as well as some of eastern Contra Costa County.

(It should be noted that congressional reps don't have to live within the district they represent, though Second Thoughts maintains it's good form.)

The campaign of Ricky Gill, the 24-year-old Lodi native who's made his SJC roots a cornerstone of his early efforts, seized on the announcment to draw first blood in the race:

"Jerry McNerney's claim to have adopted San Joaquin County as his 'home' is laughable. During his time in Washington, he has utterly neglected the people of San Joaquin County and the greater San Joaquin Valley," said Colin Hunter, who works for Ricky Gill for Congress. "We trust the voters will recognize that McNerney is moving to San Joaquin County for political purposes, plain and simple."

Gill seems like a thoughtful man, and he speaks in nonpartisan terms that seeks to build bridges with others, even those at different points of the red-blue spectrum. But if you thought his campaign would be so congenial, it's time to think again.

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