Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another sign of the Apocalypse

Our doom must be nigh. How else do you explain this recent poll, which found Californians trust Britney Spears — Miss Responsibility herself — just as much as the Legislature when it comes to managing finances.

If the poll's methodology is sound, you can throw this on the mounting pile of evidence suggesting our state needs to blow up its governing system and start anew.

At Second Thoughts, we're asking Santa for a California Constitutional Convention.


Alonso said...

Perhaps you & your readers could also ask your San Joaquin County Supervisors for a resolution in support of the proposed CA Constitutional Convention. A call or letter from you can go a loooong way. Thanks,
Alonso, RepairCalifornia.Org

Jon Mendelson said...

A great idea Alonso.

Anonymous said...

jon your an idiot lord hobbes