Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A jazzed-up downtown

OK, so I kinda stole the headline, but this story about another cool hangout in downtown Tracy is more welcome news for the city's epicenter.

First, the old JC Penney building found an occupant in Corral Hollow Realty. (Not the fit I had imagined, but the space looks infinitely more inviting now than it did when it was home to a scrapbooking store that just couldn't fill out the building.)

Then, we heard news that a pub-style establishment was taking over the Central Avenue-10th Street building formerly occupied by Gigi's Pizza and Hula Huts restaurant. (Three cheers for fresh local suds at the corner!)

Now, Main Street Music's plans to offer an Italian cafe with vino and light eats. (I just hope the cafe has outdoor seating to take advantage of our balmy summer evenings and cool fall and spring breezes.)

Downtown needs more businesses that give people a reason to stroll around, sit down, stay awhile and spend some hard-earned money. I know I'll stop by Main Street's new stop for a glass of red stuff — I just hope others do, too.

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