Friday, November 14, 2008

Religious calling out

In the past few weeks, religious groups have gotten a bad rap. And rightly so.

Many religious groups and churches were the driving force behind Proposition 8, the voter initiative that now means the love between some people is worth less to society than the love between the rest of them. Hardly "love thy neighbor as thyself" stuff.

However, that's not the whole story of the religious community.

These groups also do a good deal of good.

Take a look at the Our Town support groups listing -- almost all of the groups meet at churches. Churches and groups give to charity and perform corporal works of mercy year round, even though the general focus in the rest of society is centered on charity during the holidays. They provide a support network for their members. Some even open their community halls on Election Day as polling places.

Without this kind of kind-hearted dedication, our cities would be much more desperate places to live.


Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

Some of the local churches worked hard against Prop 8. They saw it as going against the basic command of Jesus to "love one another" and they do not find an anti-gay message in the words of Jesus. Jesus obviously came down hard on the judgemental and the holier-than-thou. Prop 8 actually divided the religious community. The issue of the ordination of homosexuals has split denominations. This is not an issue that is going away. I would, however, hope that in our differences we could be at least civil and consistent with the founders of our faiths.

Anonymous said...

Mike and Jon. I respectfully disagree with you hanging your hat on the "love one another" post. Do either of you belong to a religious organization? I ask because Christianity, and the Bible for that matter, have much deeper principles than "love one another." Homosexuality is a sin, and the "religious community" was simply standing behind their beliefs. Would you rather we practice one thing and say another? I know people like to argue it, but religion created the underpinnings of our nation. To have passed this amendment would have gone against that foundation. I know its in-fashion right now to be anti-religion and to govern to the smallest segments of our country (very PC of us), but the people have spoken on this one. If you think Jesus was only about "love one another," I suggest you take another read through the Bible.