Friday, October 26, 2007

Yup, these are my readers...

Alert readers unite! A small unedited sample of my mailbag, because, well, you have to read some of it to believe it.

"people used to get [ermits from the Forestry to cut dead and down trees in the Forrests of california, yet more and more this efficient way of clearing Dead dry wood from forrests is Blocked by Eco-Nazi calif Laws...the result? Tinder-Box conditions that make forrest fires even worse!"
- From Dave Kerst

He gave me an "F" for my analysis, but I wonder what grade his elementary school English teacher would give him?

"The Onion reports! In The Know: Are America's Rich Falling Behind The Super-Rich?"
- From Mike McLellan

Speaking of the super-rich, there's a Russian plutocrat who is buying one of the new super-sized Airbus planes for himself. It's not enough to have a normal wasteful private jet to show how much money you have, it must be as wasteful and utterly impractical as possible. And, if you like football analysis mixed with thoughtful tidbits about stuff that matters, please check out Tuesday Morning Quarterback (note the patented "Boss Button). The author's latest tirade about super yachts is a serious dovetail with McLellan's link — just scroll down till you find the photo of an obscenely large personal dinghy.

"I think the purpose of Jon's article was to stir up the s$%*@ and let the ill-informed have at it. Thats usually the way works, prey on the minds of the weak and feeble minded who are willing to believe all the crap he writes." "Point well taken. I just think the author's writing style left a bit to be desired. I just didn't like the sarcastic part thats all. ... Thanks for straightening me out and to Jon .. I am sorry."
- From Ubbo Coty

Mr. Coty, no apologies necessary. And we're glad to have you back from Iraq.

"The school is shoving it's sexual agenda down the througts of the children like cattle being lead to slaughter without regard to the kind and amount of information is given, in what manner children are taught, and if they are even mature enough to understand what is being presented." - From Tracy Parent/Grandparent

I'm glad I didn't go with my first sex-ed column idea: Hands-on classes led by Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy.


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Erdos56 said...

You are a lightweight, man. I got my first death threat the other day!

Anonymous said...

That Kerst is really a piece of work.