Friday, June 29, 2007

Pole deserves better fate

The city's most infamous lightpole is set to be removed.

The pole that was at the center of the car crash that killed Mike Ucci, maimed Bret Clifton and injured Marie Ucci and Justin Baker will likely be removed because it is a safety hazard and, according to the city, probably turned into scrap metal.

In the case of a normal light fixtures, that might not be a big deal. But this pole is covered with messages from the Tracy community wishing, hoping and praying for the crash victims — and their friends and family.

If it needs to be removed for safety, so be it. But I have to think that this pole — so marked with affection and sorrow and hope and despair — deserves a better fate than the scrap heap.

If anyone has ideas, please e-mail them to me at Or, better yet, go to the July 3 City Council meeting and tell our elected representatives firsthand.

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