Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Iraq preference

In my column today (Dec. 29), I made a vague reference that I have "a preference" as to sending more troops to Iraq or bringing them home.

That preference (obvious to anyone who knows me) is to bring them home. I have no idea if that will help secure "victory" (whatever that is) in Iraq or if it will lead to new levels of bloodshed, but it's my preference, because American troops never should have been committed to Iraq in the first place.

However, we're stuck now, and there are no good options. It should serve as a lesson to leaders and the public in the future that war should not be entered lightly. Of course, judging from history, it's a lesson we'll never learn.


Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

Jon, you are always thoughful and do an excellent job of getting to the heart of things. On this one I would give you limited agreement. I do not think we went into Iraq "lightly". I think our President was very serious about getting Hussein and looking like the Top Gun. He did not care about the facts, he just wanted to rumble. You are right -- we are stuck. - Mike McLellan

jenny p said...

Iraq is a lose/lose situation and no matter what we can't turn back. I think the country needs to at least out up Bush for impeachment to show the world we won't stand for lies especially by the man who stand for this country.