Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gazebo gone

Lincoln Park is without its trademark gazebo, location for numerous Tank Town weddings and afternoon band rehearsals. The structure had long lived past its sell-by date, with shingles missing from the roof, semi-rotted posts and a creaky floor. Not to mention stairs steep enough to pose a serious hazard to stiletto-heeled brides. So now, it's a bulldozed plot, waiting for a new built-to-last structure.
The new gazebo should be ready by July Fourth, in time for Tracy's annual Independence Day blowout. And it's just part of an extensive upgrade to one of the city's best parks. Read more on that here.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Phone call of the day

It's not unusual for a dog to have its x-rays taken, and for strange things to appear in those x-rays. Canines, after all, usually decide if something is edible by eating it and just sort of seeing what happens next.

But a recent caller to my work and cell phone says his mutt's images have captured The Prince of Darkness.

That's right. Satan himself is evidently inhabiting some poor dog, the caller said, and it's a story that could put the Tracy Press on the map.

Sigh. Just another reminder for us all to take our prescription medication.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feeling right at home

As described in Friday's column (find it here), a local Sikh temple welcomed me this past weekend, giving me and a few other guests ceremonial orange scarves. The color represents their faith, and is supposedly the highest honor one can receive in the temple. Luckily, I have proof of the congregations' generosity and graciousness.

That's me, newly ensconced, with TUSD Trustee Walter Gouveia on the left.

And that's me in the orange head covering, with Tracy City Councilmen Steve Abercrombie and Bob Rickman on the right.